types of clients we work with

  - Food[restaurants, products, personalities & chefs]
• - Beverage [bars, distilleries, wineries, breweries & products]
• - Lifestyle & Wellness [experiences, products, technology]
• - Tech & Start Ups [technology, apps, product, b2b, b2c]
• - Fashion [product, apps, brick & mortar] 

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social media

our services

we are social experts who specialize in social commerce. cove develops a tailored social media strategy through strong visuals and carefully crafted storytelling focusing on your brand and business. our creative team is dedicated to enhancing your brand and customers social experience setting clients apart from their competition.

- content curation
- daily management
- metrics
- tastemaker collaborations
- community building
- growth strategy
- user generated content
- campaigns
- full service photo & video

ever heard the saying " content is king?". well it's true. content is everything in the ever changing world of digital marketing.

we help bring your brand and concept to life with:

- content (photo + video)
- strategy
- creative direction
- campaign creation
- copywriting

public relations

content & creative

we are social people and are passionate about connecting your brand with the world. from food and beverage to wellness and lifestyle we are here to introduce your brand to key media, local writers, and influencers. you have a story that needs to be told, we help bring it to life. plain and simple.

influencer marketing

connecting your brand with influencers has never been more important. traditional advertising has shifted and the key to a strong marketing strategy is influencer collaborations. whether you need help with product placement or hosting influencers at your brick and mortar , we have the tools you need to effectively collaborate and create meaningful connections with an influencer and their audience leading to more sales, social media engagement, and direct traffic. 

digital reputation

in the world of digital , it has never been more important to make sure your brand presence is effectively being communicated across all digital channels. not only is simple communication key but also maintaining your virtual presence, accuracy, and reputation. we are here to help.

digital marketing

we have partnered with a team of diverse and experienced experts who combine high-level strategy with localized market and industry insights to drive campaign performance. our full stack marketing approach defines the customer journey and influences customers at every stage of a decision. with this approach we strengthen the funnel to initiate every path to conversion. whether you are looking for seo, sem, ppc we can connect the dots and create a compelling marketing strategy that ticks all the boxes.

brand strategy

cove encompasses all aspects of digital marketing from online campaigns, custom graphics, e-blasts, digital advertising and more. our goal is to enhance your overall presence online through strong imagery, profound messaging and brand focused content.


looking for support with strategy? need help hiring & training social teams? we can help work on a tailored plan for your marketing needs, support your internal teams, and or hire in-house support for you to execute on your own. sometimes your marketing initiatives just need a little “hand-holding ". 


connecting your brand with other brands and partners is a great way of achieving both of your goals and widening your audience. we are here to help create meaningful partnerships, increasing engagement, roi, and brand presence. 

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